Preserve it

Aluminium windows from Beijing

In China it’s common that many objets keep parts of its original package. Adhesive films, cardboards and foams are everywhere. Is this carelessness or a true will for preservation?. I’m not quite sure.

Chopped tube

These ketchup packs made me think about the previous shapes of objects. We are surrounded by things with an evolution history. Few of them are created and used as raw, without hard modification. Even the simplest materials requires some treatment.

Chased by brands

You’ve surely noticed that when browsing the web some ads are closely related to your previous visits to certain pages. Even if that happened days ago. Online behavior tracking have been there for some time, and boost sales enormously for an online retail business -just to mention one-.

How do you feel about that?. It’s obvious that it have some minority report alike effect, orwellian if you prefer. Does it discomfort you?. Recently I realized that it works for me as a reminder. As a pending to-do alert I have to fulfill. Weird. But in some way it push me away from completing my purchase through clicking the banner. It’s just like when you have too much attention on you from the staff in a brick and mortar store.

I would consider seriously  the negative outcomes of feeling chased and the impact on brands over the sales.